We as Capella Logistics, aim to provide our customers’ all logistic need with fast and reliable service. We make transportations more efficient in road transportation; about more reasonable prices in intermodal transportation; more well-organized in airport transportation; and much fast service in minivan transportation.

We make offers for servicing regularly related with our clients’ needs of partial transportation and complete transportation both import and export. Our team from professionals make everything clear by keeping informed during the operation. Meanwhile, we provide our clients to be in advance among condition of competition, by offering of freight with fast and reasonable prices.

We perform our operations from our central office that is located at Turkey, İstanbul Province. At the same time, we organize our transportations within Europe with the help of our office that is located at Bulgaria, Shumen Province. Our priority is always our clients’ satisfaction with goods and equipments in variety, spread supplier web, management of operations in quality standards. We give an importance not making any damage with our whole services and undertakes it with our certificates. We keep our infrastructure always current.

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+ Years of Experience

Our Objective

We, as Capella Logistics, always,

focus on our quality and service advantages at the highest level,

and developing our logistic services,

to give a service to the companies in different sectors,

to be a company which was preferred by clients in the first place.

These objectives makes us in advance!





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